What our clients say about our services

When you know your child’s abilities and potential because you have worked directly with your child, when you know all of your child’s diagnosis because you’ve sought help and guidance from medical professionals, and you take that knowledge to a school district only to have your knowledge dismissed, you have no alternative than to bring an advocate to the next ARD to ensure your child’s educational needs are met.

That is exactly what happened in our circumstance. Thankfully, Louis was available and helped me navigate through the muddy waters that comprise the Public School System.

Though there is still much work to be done, after two years with Louis by my side, asking only for what is necessary for my son’s education, we now have a solid foundation with the school district and I am hopeful that they will continue to work with me towards the goal of a bright future for my son.

Amanda C.
Nolan’s Mom
Houston, TX


Receiving a late diagnosis of Autism: Asperger Syndrome for my son was difficult. The main problem was that I didn't know anything about this type of condition and neither did the schools he attended until he was 10 years old. A new Assistant Principal came with the knowledge that he needed tested and she was right.

After the diagnosis, staying in a small room with a few children with behavior problems was convenient for the school but not good for my sons education and social training. Having Louis Geigerman come and advocate for me at my ARD meeting provided the groundwork for all the testing and school assistance possibilities we needed.

Louis educated me as I watched his expertise in advocacy. This helped me to continue to advocate for my son in later meetings. I learned that I can say no to certain things that I believe will not be advantageous for his progress. Now my son is on the National Junior Honor Society! He is so smart and such a cool kid!

Thanks Louis for your hard work!

Karen Gill

We needed clear, concise, to-the-point information so we could make the right decision for our child. We needed someone to tell us what we needed to hear not what we wanted to hear. The books written to help parents were overwhelming. That is why our family choose the guidance of Louis Geigerman. We have had the pleasure of watching Louis at work for the best interest of our child and fighting for the rights for children throughout Texas. His knowledge of the laws set to protect special needs children was a great help in our ARD meetings. In four years we have had 25 ARD meetings, some lasting almost seven hours. Once Louis attended the meetings the mood of the ARD meetings changed to be productive in favor of our son’s education.

Lori and Murray H., Houston, TX

When Mr. Geigerman took our case, we had a very difficult relationship with our school district due to a series of misunderstandings that occurred as we moved into the district a year before. Mr.Geigerman, being extremely knowledgeable of special education law was able to give us honest and realistic advice. He was able to inform us exactly what our options are. He could clearly let us know when we had a strong case that we could take further and have a possibility of winning .But he was also honest in telling us when we should be more realistic in what we request from a school district. Thanks to Mr. Geigerman ,we now have a much better working relationship with our school district which we really need for our child's benefit.

Y. in Texas